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22 ноября 12, 11:51

Xes Dreams

experimental orchestra metal

Лирика : Xes Dreams : NC-17 : Love Me More

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Love Me More

NC-17 (2011)

Xes Dreams

I wish you loved me more.
I disappear… I feel the end of being.
No lights around us, no sounds…
All has gone.
Touch me now.
Touch me now again.
I’m so excited.
Do you feel the same?
You’re in love. And I

Wish you loved me more
As if it were
The latest ardent moment
Before the last conversion into the dust.
I wish you loved me more,
So much, so strong as
Only people can love,
Before the last conversion into the scum.

I don’t need anymore
All treasures. I’m in love.
You will be my talisman,
My guardian angel.
Hold me in your arms
So tightly,
As only people can hold.
Kiss me now.
We’re in love. And i…

Ignite me by your flame!!! We’ll take it all.
Our life is our love.
And other things’ve been left in oblivion.
Am I dreaming?
Then make my dreams come true.
You are the Magian.
I’m in love with you.
Oh, how I wish….


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