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22 ноября 12, 11:51

Xes Dreams

experimental orchestra metal

Лирика : Xes Dreams : NC-17 : 13

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NC-17 (2011)

Xes Dreams

In the pitch of darkness
Tortured and wasted
I hear my heartbeat
In expectation of her

Terrible cares and kisses.
She sinks into my flesh…

Waiting for succubae
Every thirteenth day I’m waiting for succubae.

I wallow in her silky perfection.
I need her. I need this pain.
I try to move, but my body doesn’t listen to my mind.
So, I should give myself for violent satisfaction.

Her graceful fingers dance.
I feel the Gift:
The Shiver blooms
In ten seconds. Euphoria!..

She swallows up my energy
She wastes my youth.
She is my dope.
I can not live without her.

I feel alive only when she kills me


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