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Site rules

Basic principles.

Site MetalLord 2.0 is a community of users interested in heavy music. The site is built on the principle of social network but also has a functional portal. The main purpose of the site to provide an equal level of user privileges and the ability to fill the site content on its own behalf, thereby increasing its rating on the site or just to share interesting information with your friends. Rating affects the order in which users in search results and other lists on the site. Each type of content added by users on the site has its own coefficient influence the ranking of the user, the more you add content to the site so the higher your rating will be and the higher your position in the lists of site users.


Table of influence on the content user's rating:

Music +1
Video +3
Blog +10
News +30
Release +25
Publication +50
Event +25
Lyric +10
Tab +20



Control spam.

Due to the fact that the sites that offer users the ability to add content without moderation are often transformed in the archives of spam on the site there is a system definition of spam users of the site. If you see in the sections of the site content is not relevant to the subject sites, you can celebrate this content as spam by clicking the "Mark as spam" on page views of content, after a certain number of users will note this content is spam, it will no longer appear on the site .

Users who will periodically distribute spam will be blocked.



The site is strictly prohibited:

1. To place the public content with the use of profanity.
2. Post any advertising information is not relevant to the subject site.
3. Deliver pornographic photos or videos of a pornographic nature.
4. Deliver content that insults the site users.





If you find content on the site which belongs to the above, mark it as spam. For users who would regularly violate the rules of the site will apply measures to restrict their access to the site.