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If you have problems playing the sound, it is probably due to the fact that you are an authorized user of the site in close contact to resolve an issue with playing a sound, follow these steps:

1. Go

2. If you are logged on the site in contact in the address bar of your browser will link to your page Vkontakte ckopiruyte and paste in the corresponding form field below. If you arrived at the login page, then check the checkbox "I am not an authorized user of the site in contacts".

Link to your page in the Contact is public and its spread is a threat to your profile in the contact.

These settings are stored only in the current session of your browser, and will be reset when you close the browser to save the configuration register on our website or login under your account.


If you are the authorized users of the site Vkontakte you need to add a page Vkontakte our mp3 player, a reference to the application Vkontakte: and settings tick `Allow application access to your recordings`. It is necessary for the player to the site could access the database of music copyright in contact on your behalf. Otherwise, to listen to music on this site you will have to go out of your account Vkontakte and put a tick below the `I am not an authorized user of the site for Us'. Previously, one could not add the application itself and not to install it right, but recently the developers have done restriction site Vkontakte, after which it became impossible to use the applications Vkontakte, without adding it to your page and set the proper permissions.